Making your own lipstick (and other DIY curiosities)

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My friend has been making her own lipstick for so long I thought it was a pretty normal thing until I mentioned it to some coworkers and they were pretty shocked! I’ve been using her homemade lip balm/chapsticks for a while, so it’s not just for girls either.

So if you’re like them and aren’t really sure what’s up with making this stuff yourself, I’m here to prod you to explore.

Let’s talk about why people make things themselves.

Why make things yourself?

This is a question that can apply to anything we do ourselves, whether it’s lipstick, building a PC, or writing our own short stories.

First, you learn a lot about the world if you look at everything with an eye for how to do it yourself. It keeps your curious and learning, which is what draws me to the DIY world.

Second, you can customize the things you make and make sure they only have the ingredients you approve of/aren’t allergic to. One guide I read (this one is about how to make your own lipstick) mentioned that a lot of the ingredients in brand-name lipsticks are toxic, so that’s a pretty good reason to DIY it.

Lastly? For a lot of projects once you get the learning and customization out of the way it’s a lot cheaper.

Here’s what she suggests for anyone making their own:

  • If you’re going to add coloring, make sure it’s safe to use and that you add just a little bit at a time because it’ll go a long way.
  • For lipstick, experiment with bentonite clay because it’ll make the texture a bit more matte and easier to work with. It does leave a white cast, so make sure to use it with a colored lipstick.
  • If the clay is too gritty, try arrow root powder instead. You can use it with deodorants too!

That’s it. If you have any questions about why someone should want to try this out, leave a comment below.

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